Do not operate a cyprusgrills® until you have read and fully understood the assembly instructions provided with each unit.

When using the cyprusgrills® it will get extremely hot, so operate with caution and never touch a cyprusgrills® with bare hands – they will burn!

Always use an oven glove when handling the cyprusgrills®.

Before lighting your cyprusgrill®, ensure that it is stood on a secure level base surface away from any flammable items such as wooden fences or overhanging trees.

Ensure that the cyprusgrills® is sited away from any areas where children or pets are likely to be playing.

Never use your cyprusgrills® indoors (This includes garages and outbuildings).

Do not use petrol, paraffin, mentholated spirits, lighter fuel or any comparable fluid to light or re-light your cyprusgrills®. Special lighting fluids and fire lighters are available. We recommend the use of fire lighting blocks.

Once ready to ignite your barbecue, relocate all unused fuel and lighting materials to a safe distance from the cyprusgrills® before lighting.

Once lit, do not move your cyprusgrills® or leave it unattended. Only move it when it has completely cooled.

Keep a fire extinguisher and/or a bucket of water at hand, for use in case of any emergency.

Once the cyprusgrills® is lit, do not attempt to touch any parts except the operating handles to adjust level of cooking.

Before cooking, the cyprusgrills® should be allowed to burn until all the charcoal has a light covering of white ash; this will take approximately twenty minutes.

Always remember, safety first! Your safety is our concern.